Engineered & Process Equipment

The Company is fast becoming one of the leading supplier and distributor in Malaysia for a wide range of engineered products that it represents for the oil and gas industry. The Company specialises in the engineering and supply of Architectural & Safety, Electrical & Instrumentation and Mechanical & Piping products to oil and gas and petrochemical related industries. With the support from our principals, we have the wide range of products.


Over the years, the Company has fast becoming a major force in the provision of engineered products to the oil & gas industry. We have accumulated the experience, technical knowledge and service support to meet client demand including installation and commissioning of our engineering products.


In general, the Company supplies various other engineered products, namely:


Steel & Aluminium Helidecks

Module Cladding Blastwall & Firewall

A60/AO Doors & Windows for Blast & Fire

Special Coating & Wrapping for Blast & Fire

Passive Fire Protection (PFP)

A60, B15 & B0-Class Wall & Noise Reduction Panel

B15 & B0-Class Removable Ceiling Panel

Shower, Bath & WC Toilet Units

Insulation – Fire, Hot & Cold

Insulation – Sound/Noise

MV Switchgear (15kV, 11kV, 6.6kV, 3.3kV) & LV Switchgear (690V, 400V)

E-house Offshore Modules & E-house Onshore Control Rooms

Electrical Heat Tracing (EHT)

Heating Technology

Flare Tips & Accessories

Combustion Control Systems & Accessories

Instrument Tubings & Fittings

Instrument Valves & Manifolds

Monoflanged Block/Bleed Valves

Double Block/Bleed Valves & Regulators

Cathodic Protection System

Corrosion Protection


Living Quarters & Helidecks

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Fabrication, Construction & Industrial Services

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Maintenance & Hook-Up Commissioning

ENERSEA’s experience covers all aspects of project development, from feasibility studies through project execution works until maintenance…

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