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Living Quarters & Helidecks

ENERSEA has performed various works for Living Quarters & Helidecks for a number of clients, either via conventional methods or modular fabrication & construction.


Living Quarters & Modular Cabins


At the outset of every project, we evaluate our customer’s needs, the project size, the installation site, and other factors to identify the most appropriate option for Living Quarters & Modular Cabins. Most large projects allow for some modular construction, and a combination of modular and conventional erection may be called for in many cases.


We provide comprehensive engineering, fabrication, procurement and construction services for Living Quarters & Modular Cabins. This integrated approach is possible because we have a global network of engineering, procurement and construction resources, and we are one of the few EPC companies with in-house fabrication facilities. We perform all aspects of the work with our own in-house resources whenever possible.


Modular Fabrication & Construction


Modular fabrication and construction offer a number of advantages over conventional construction. The bulk of the fabrication and assembly are performed at our facilities, which allows us to ensure all work is performed according to our high standards, under controlled working conditions. By reducing fieldwork, we also minimize the project’s impact on the customer site, a significant advantage when the installation site is an operating plant. Modular construction also minimizes lay-down space, an important benefit when the field site is small or congested, and reduces delays due to adverse weather. In-air work is minimized, and foundation requirements are often simplified. Procurement is often simplified, especially when the installation site is located in an area where raw materials and equipment are expensive or difficult to obtain. In addition, modular construction can shorten schedules by allowing for concurrent processes, such as fabrication, permitting and logistical arrangements.


Field Construction & Site Works


We provide a broad range of field construction services that include modular and conventional construction, project management, construction inspection and management, scheduling, welding and quality assurance, plant start-ups and commissioning, operator training, and a variety of other field services. In addition to new construction work, our projects have included plant relocations, retrofits, disassembly, upgrades, debottlenecking, shutdowns and turnarounds. We believe in direct-hiring and training local craftsmen for our projects whenever possible. In communities that have a pool of potential applicants, we develop a training program that addresses the specific needs of the project and the applicants. All candidates receive intensive safety instruction as well as craft skills training.




We offer various types of steel & aluminium helidecks to our clients. Of late, aluminium structures are often selected to reduce weight and minimize life cycle maintenance while maintaining the same level of safety and reliability. Helidecks can be designed in accordance with various international and national rules and standards. There are a number of rules & regulations that may need to be adhered with which can be tailor-made to provide the best solution for your needs.


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